Welcome to Willies Racing Shirts Web Site

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Welcome to Willies Racing Shirts Web Site

If you are looking for a professional high quality shirt company to design your race team or business uniform you’ve come to the right place. With over 15 years of experience World Class race car teams have believed in our product. We invite you to visit each and every one of our products section to see the quality of our job.
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Business Shirts

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Willies Monster Shirts tambien ofrece servicios de diseños para su negocio

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Clases Graduandas

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Willies Monster Shirts tambien ofrece servicios de diseños para su clase graduanda.


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Race Car

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Owner: Willie Lopez

Driver: Willie Lopez

Engine Builder: Raul Gonzalez (RG Machine Shop)

Engine Tuner: Antonio Torres (Sakura Motorsports)

Chassis Tuner: Osvaldo Ruiz (Valdo Chassis)

Best ET:  7.523 / March 7th, 2009 [Download Video]

Top MPH: 176.50 MPH / February 27th, 2010 [Download Video]

2006 PanAmerican Nationals Race of Champions Winner Atco, New Jersey [Download video]

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Here is some of our customers thanks all for trust on our products. You will see that using our products you will upgrade your race car team, senior class or any business to another level.

Thanks to www.grs-motorsports.com for the videos courtesy

La Otra modified 3/4 chassis Toyota starlet world fastest rotary 13b in the world running 6.84 @ 201mph tuned by Edwin “Loquito Killer” Burgos and Oso Tech on the ECU’s [Download Video]

Sporty Motorsports 1994 mazda RX-7 full chassis using 13b turbo alcohol combination and the first 13b on the 6 seconds zone [Download Video]

Lazcano Racing Puerto Rico world fastest compact running 6.5 seconds using a Nissan V6 twin turbo + alcohol combination well done guys [Click Video]

Carlos Racing the first modified rotary that run’s on the 6 seconds zone using mazda 20b+turbo+alcohol combination and the currently leader of the 2010 CAM Modified Championship in Puerto Rico [Click Video]

Brent Rau Magnus Motorsports the world fastest modified car in the world running 6.8 seconds using a 4 cylinder mitsubishi engine with alcohol fuel and turbo power adder  [Click Video]

Lucimar Racing 1994 modified Mazda RX-7 using a Mazda 13b+turbo+alcohol combination running the 7.0 seconds zone  [Click Video]

Chivy King property of Jorge “Chivirico” Rivera a full chassis Toyota paseo with a 4 cylinder (3SGTE) turbo alcohol power-train running 6.84 @ 193 mph  [Click Video]

S2King this one is the real king stock chassis turbo alcohol from the team of Wilbert and Kbuto performance this is the fastest and the only S2000 on the 7 seconds zone [Click Video]

Dereck Racing Mazda RX-8 full chassis the fastest rotary 12-a using turbo alcohol running on the 7 seconds zone [Click Video]

Rafaelito Racing property of Rafael “Falito” Rivera Mazda RX-8 full chassis using a Mazda 13-b turbo alcohol combination and the second 13b on the 6 seconds zone with a 6.98 at the 1/4 mile [Click Video]

Villanueva Racing this modified Mazda RX-7 from Puerto Rico is the current champion of the 2010 PanAmerican Nationals in Atco New Jersey congratulations Frankie and welcome to the club [Click Video]

Little Jowin Toyota 1.8 using Mazda 13-b turbo alcohol combination, this beautiful Toyota is the winner of the  2009 PanAmerican Nationals race of champions in Atco, New Jersey [Click Video]

Our race car the Lopez Connection property of  Willie Lopez from Corozal, Puerto Rico you can see more info about this datsun on “Our Race Car” section, on 2006 it was also the champion of the PanAmerican Nationals in Atco, New Jersey [Click Video]

Men in Black this Datsun fastback is one of the most famous car on the modified class of Puerto Rico using also the mazda 13b turbo alcohol combination and recently enters the 7.0 seconds on Englishtown, New Jersey [Click Video]

from the stock chassis class here is the Toyota 1.8 El Mio from the workshop of RG performance and programming of Jorge Steidel is another member of the 7 seconds club [Click Video]

From the USA here is Kenneth Racing 1972 full chassis datsun fastback with mazda 13-b turbo alcohol power-train also runs in the low’s 7′s seconds [Click Video]

From the workshop of Rosado Racing here is his own race car a Toyota 1.8 with a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine turbo alcohol running on the 7 seconds [Click Video]

Yankee Racing RX-8 modified 13-b turbo alcohol constructed an tuned on Puerto Rico and is now property of John Blanch owner of Microtech Fuel Management systems good luck John you have one of the best cars of the modified class of Puerto Rico [Click Video]

Kapicu Racing from the workshop of Edwin Loquito Killer in Naranjito Puerto Rico and programming of Oso Tech is now the only modified in Puerto Rico that is trying to use the 13-b+turbo+alcohol+nitrous and is having good results because it runs 7.1 on the first passes on it. Here a video in Englishtown vs Tossas Racing another customer of us of the United States [Click Video]

Tossas “The Transformer” Racing a Toyota Corolla using a rotary 13b turbo alcohol power-train tuned by Kilo Racing and Gato Performance  [Click Video]

La Mayonesa Racing property and tuned by Maiky Performance and Gaby Skern programing this is the fastest import modified car using a 80mm turbine here the record [Click Video]

Tsunami Racing Team this is a father and son racing team from Sporty Motorsports and Gaby Skern Racing the first one is Tsunami Protege 5 full chassis, driver Victor Nieves, running in the low’s 7 second [Click Video]

the other member of the Tsunami Racing Team, driver Gaby Nieves, full chassis toyota starlet using the same combination of the father’s car [Click Video]

Maijailin racing this RX-8 is the re-incarnation of Toyota starlet with a modified RX-8 13-b turbo alcohol tuned by Juny Performance this one will be one of the fastest modified cars in the world yo will see good lock “Cuajo” [Click Video]

From the front wheel drive class here is another race car team from the workshop of Yabo tunning and Chapulin Performance, “El Violento” and “La Violenta [Click Video]

Toyota 1.8 El Estudiante using a 3-rotor 20b engine turbo alcohol tuned by Mec. Pilon and wilbert Performance on the ECU Microtech  [Click Video]

Gisela racing from Sporty Motorsports and Moncho tech and Axel Colon behind the wheel of this powerful Toyota starlet with rotary engine [Click Video]

Heavyweight from the modified class using a 2jz 6 cylinder Toyota supra engine tuned by Tito Performance and Waldy behind the wheel of this beautiful Toyota 1.6 hatchback [Click Video]

From the MTC-Racing Team here is the cobalt pro-mod class Professional Transmission that right now is competing in the American Drag Racing League on the US and for the next year it will be part of a new championship in Arabia competing vs the Al-Anabi Racing Team. From Puerto Rico to the world [Click Video]

Continuing with the pro-mod category from Vega Baja Puerto Rico here is Don Tato Racing using a blown 500ci tuned by Randsamy & son and behind the wheel Jorge “Chivirico” Rivera [Click Video]

From the workshop of PMS Race Cars in Puerto Rico here is Estrada’s Racing. This 63 ‘Vette is using a 900+ cu engine from Pat Musi fuel injected with Edelbrock Nitrous systems [Click Video]

Nelson Morales Jr. Ford Mustang from the Top Sportsman class this modified horse have a big block twin turbo ford engine and it recently runs 6 seconds on this +3000 lbs race car from PMS Race Cars [Click Video]

From our family this Jeep Wrangler property of Nano Lopez in Corozal and Xavier Lopez behind the wheel haves a 496 cu nitrous injected Chevy engine tuned by Cano Performance in Corozal, P.R. [Click Video]

El Maldito  Toyota 1.8 with a rotary 13b turbo alcohol combination

Medero Performance one of the biggest speed shops in Puerto Rico

Nissan fastback Datsun “El Chacho” with also rotary turbo alcohol power-train this is the fastest fastback datsun in Puerto Rico running in the 7.3 seconds zone [Click Video]

Rekari Transport Service

From USA here is El Brujo Racing tuned by Waldy Performance and also him behind the wheel of this powerful full chassis Mitsubishi Mirage with a 4 cylinder Mitsubishi engine good luck guys

Also from the modified class in Puerto Rico here is the mazda RX-7 El Elegido property of Luis Negron and the sponsorship of Caribbean Coatings

From the workshop of RJ Race Cars, JB mods and Waldy Performance here is the toyota 1.8 JC Racing using a 2.4L Toyota engine on turbo alcohol combination

From the stock chassis class here is this beatiful mazda RX7 Aydens Toy tuned by Bacatran Performance and chassis tuned by Tito Chassis Shop

Property of Marcos Miñaña here is this modified mazda RX-8 Miñaña also called The Black Long sponsored by USA Auto Supply in Philadelphia

From the workshops of RG machine shop, Jorge Steidel and Valdo Chassis here is Naysha Racing, modified Toyota Starlet with mazda heart, a 13b turbo alcohol lethal combination

From Philadelphia USA Auto Supply Inc. Car Care products

Another one from the stock chassis category is Yanira Racing using a 4 cylynder turbo alcohol engine tuned by Joel Taliban

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